1. cumformeboredwifey:

    I could feel him cumming
    Filling me full of his seed
    I told him I didn’t want him to cum inside me. He said he wouldn’t.
    He lied.
    As he came he kept thrusting, determined to push it as deep as he could. It was such a huge load that no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get off of him
    And I couldn’t keep it inside, my son had fucked me harder and made me cum more than anyone ever had, I was spent, all I could do was whimper when I felt it leaking out.
    I had lied too

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  2. ourfamilyfun:

    the feeling of my daughter scooping my sons cum out of my pussy was enough to make me start cumming again!!!

  4. emmaersk:

    It must have been a month since I found his phone on the kitchen table. He always forgot it all over the house and he had nobody to blame but himself when I looked it through. A mother likes to know what his boy is doing. You can imagine my blushing when I found out that he liked older women that looked exactly like me. I started to think that he maybe liked me more than one usually likes their mother. I decided to test him.

    I started out by teasing him a little. Whenever his daddy worked the late shift I started to wear clothing that revealed a lot of naked skin. At first he was embarassed and asked if I couldn’t get myself dressed a little better. After informing him that it was my household and therefore my rules he accepted it. He didn’t like it but he could live with it. But I knew he had taken the bait. Everytime I walked around the house in those clothes I could feel his eyes on me. As usually he forgot his phone everywhere and I caught his texting to a friend where he said he had a hardon almost all the time.

    I decided to increase my efforts. Everytime I showered I decided to leave the door open just enough for someone to take a look through the crack. He didn’t notice that I could hear him when he was standing outside the door. I couldn’t see him but his breathing told me that he was working things out on his own in his pants. Sometimes I could feel a small wet spot on the floor and I felt that I had my chance now. I would be a fool if I didn’t take it.

    Those nights, when I teased him and made him think of mommy, I knew that he always jerked off before sleep.The moment his father was out of the door, I got into a sleeveless shirt showing just enough cleavage to make him go mad with desire. I didn’t shower that night and I made sure to make him as busy as he could possibly be, everything to get him out of his room. I wanted him full when I visited him later.

    We watched some show on TV but I could see him watching me the entire time, his pants hiding his bulge very effective. When it ended I stretched my arms up and extended my chest, knowing exactly how he would react. I could hear him gasp and he looked a little uncomfortable but he couldn’t stop looking. “I-I’m going to bed. I’m sleepy.” He couldn’t lie very well and I smiled and nodded.

    As soon as his door closed I was outside, my ear to the door. I could hear his bed creak and I knew he probably had thrown his clothes off as soon as he closed the door. I heard his bed sound a little, get silent and then sound a little again. Now was the moment.

    I grabbed the handle and slowly opened it. When I came inside he quickly grabbed the covers and covered himself. “MOM! Don’t you know how to knock?” He was blushing, his face all red. I walked up to the bed. “I’m sorry. I just wanted to say good night to my sweet angel.” I leaned in closer to him and kissed him on the forehead, making sure he could see down my cleavage. I could hear him sigh and he moved around in the bed.

    I sat down at the edge of the bed, looking at him squirm around under the covers. “Why are you still here?” His voice was hoarse and I enjoyed completely to know that while he was aroused he was also deeply embarassed. “I just want to make sure you feel good. You seem nervous.” He accidentally dropped the cover he was holding and when it fell down on him it formed a tent over his cock. He was so hard he was probably ready to explode. Playing surprised I pulled the cover back and revealed his cock. It was rock hard and his legs didn’t know what position they wanted to stay in. In the end he stretched them out. “I-I-I-I can explain!” He swallowed as fast as he could while he spoke and I thought he would faint. “You look really good and… and … and… I get horny.” He started to sob a little and he covered his face with his hands.

    "Don’t be angry, I didn’t mean to." I took his hands and removed them from his face. "I’m not angry" I said softly, from time to time looking down on his still rock hard cock. "I’m far from angry. Just tell me, have you thought about this for a long time?" He looks at me with bloodshot eyes. "A-a-a-a while. You’re not angry?" I shook my head and when I placed one hand around his cock I thought he would faint or jump out of his own skin. His eyes was bulging, looking at both me and his cock. His lower jaw had dropped almost all the way down to his chest. "This… this could be our secret." I start stroking it, feeling it harden even more in my hand. He groans and closes his eyes. "I’m not hurting you, honey?" He shook his head, growling as he leans his head back.

    I try to pace myself but I feel I’m getting hotter and hotter. I can’t help myself and I up the speed, my hand slide up and down his cock. “Mom. I’m gonna .. Mom!” he mumbles and I can feel his cock pulse. He grabs hold of the sheets, gasping and moaning. He shoots out the first load that lands on his chest, the second on his stomach and the third one trickles out of him, running down my fingers. He is still hard in my hand and I continue jerking him off which results in more groaning and growling. After a few minutes he shoots again, this time hitting his headboard and the wall before a load lands on his face. That one wakes him up and when he looks at me he smiles. His eyes look sleepy and I help him clean up with one of his shirts. “I’ll wash it, go to sleep now, baby.” I kiss him on the forehead and when I close the door I take a long hard look at him, the last time I will ever look at my son with any innocent thoughts in my head.

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    just send me the link :)

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  8. sonfermum:

    I’ve controlled my urges for so long but today, when mom greeted me at the door wearing that skirt I just couldn’t resist. 

    It sure took you long enough son. I was starting to think you’d never take a hint.

  9. sonfermum:

    When my wife and I came home early tonight we found our kids in bed together. My little girl was on top of her brother riding him like a prize winning bronco. 

    At first we were scared that her big brother was taking advantage of her but then we realized the love they had for each other went way beyond Brother and Sister. 

    That’s when we started to pay closer attention and I have to say it really turned us both on so much we couldn’t keep our hands off each other while peaking around the partially open door. 

    "What do you say we join them? " my wife of 20 years whispered to me.

    "Do you think we should? How do you think they’d react?"

    "Take your clothes off and follow me." 

    The kids weren’t expecting us to be home so early, and the look of fear on their faces changed to smiles when they seen us climbing onto the bed with them just as naked and turned on as they were.

  10. sydneesteele:

    Movie: Infidelity

    Studio: Wicked

    Release: 2001